WISGROUP company is one of the largest suppliers of heavy duty vehicles’ spare parts such as trucks, trailers, tractors and train. 

A brief summary of our precious 50 years is as follows: Our company, which started production as AYDINSAN in a small workplace in 1968 as a family company with the entrepreneurship of our esteemed father Hazım AYDIN, developed its corporate identity in a short time and started to operate in brake systems as AYSBRAKE in 2003 with the entrepreneurship of our founder Suna AYDIN. and in 2020, as WISGROUP, it became one of the world-known brands by representing the products of all family companies.
Today, WISGROUP presenting   its’ efficient products by its manufacturer partners factories which is 20.000m2– 150.000m2 of which is covered - in the Organized Industry. 
 WISGROUP sells its manufacturer partners ' products thats raw material casting and hot forging to the global market. Wisgroup's core competence is to produce guaranteed, quality spare parts for OE suppliers on the global market and to supply spare parts to wholesalers around the world .

Manufacturer partners in Turkey and our workshop customers in worldwide value Wisgroup's expertise as a reliable full-service partner that keeps their business and vehicles moving. With an annual production capacity of more than 36 million products and a product range of 18 thousand, our manufacturer partners have become a leader in the world with their entrepreneurial, strong, dynamic and innovative structure ..

Commercial and heavy commercial vehicles for the European, American and Asian applications are produced with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 2701: 2013 TS EN ISO 14001: 2015 ve IATF 16949: 2016 certificates .

Wisgroup services with a various range of;

Brake Parts; Air Springs, Air Tank, Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Wheel Hubs, Brake Chamber, Caliper Repair Kits, Valves

Suspension & Steering parts; Ball Joint, Centre Rod, Draglink, Tie Rod, Track Control Arm, Repair Kit, Tie Rod End, Wishbone, Stabilizer, Idler Arm, V Bar, Axial Joint , Bushing, 

Engine Parts; Cylinder Head,Flywheels, Oil Pump, Exhaust parts

Trailler Parts; Fifth Wheels , King Pin and Kits, Axle lifting parts

Body Parts, Plastic Parts, Lighting Systems

to its special customers; and always proud of being known as a trustable, specialized, fast, qualified and competitive partner by its customers. Every year by expanding our sales network in the automotive industry, hydraulic industry, railway industry, construction machines and agricultural machines from 250 grams up to 60 kilograms for different application areas such as forging and casting parts with closed die system is able to offer.

 Design and mould production is maden by our manufacturer companies. Most of our items are equal the quality of OE replacement parts from market leading suppliers. In addition, we offer special agreement opportunities with customer-specific investments of manufacturers to whom OE companies and wholesalers that has worldwide distribution channels .

WISGROUP achieve which is none other than the satisfaction of customers.